G._jephcot.JPG (27546 bytes)Grevillea jephcottii is a rare species from Pine Mountain in northeast Victoria. It is an upright, open shrub with light green, hairy leaves and dense flower clusters, which circle the branches. The flowers are pale green becoming pale yellow or cream with age. The flower colour is unusual for Grevilleas. Birds are attracted to the flowers. We have a number of specimens growing at Yallaroo and they have proved to be hardy, free flowering, fast growing and frost and drought tolerant. Notice the small dark tips on the end of each leaf. We have never noticed this feature until now. The species propagates readily from cuttings.
We were given a plant labelled as Grevillea jephcottii but has sparser foliage and spreading growth habit. This plant may be a natural hybrid between Grevillea jephcottii and Grevillea lanigera. They grow together on Pine Mountain.