Jubilee.JPG (29373 bytes)Grevillea Austraflora Jubilee: is a beautiful hybrid.  It is certainly not as famous as that other hybrid, Grevillea Robyn Gordon. “Jubilee” has one advantage over “Robyn Gordon” and other semi-tropical hybrids. It has proved to be frost hardy.
“Jubilee” is a hybrid between Grevillea rosmarinifolia and Grevillea alpina. It develops into a small rounded shrub reaching a height of one metre with a similar spread. The oblong leaves have pointed tips. The flowers are carried in clusters and appear in winter and spring with sporadic flowering at other times. The flowers are an eye-catching red-brown and yellow. The flower colour is reminiscent with Grevillea alpina, one of the parents.
A well-drained situation suits “Jubilee”. Because of its compact growth habit minimum pruning is required.
Propagation must be from cuttings in order to maintain the desirable characteristics of this delightful hybrid.