Grev-Poor.Queen.JPG (14076 bytes)Grevillea Poorinda Queen: There are at least 47 “Poorinda” hybrid Grevilleas. The late Leo Hodge produced them on his property, Poorinda in Victoria. The first Poorinda hybrids appeared in 1952 and the last in 1968.
The parentage of many of these hybrids is somewhat obscure as Mr. Hodge cultivated many Grevillea species and cultivars on his property. See Promiscuous Grevilleas. 
Grevillea Poorinda Queen was one of the first of these hybrids to be released and is one of the most popular. Its parents are said to be a form of Grevillea juniperina and a yellow-flowering form of Grevillea victoriae.
Grevillea Poorinda Queen will reach a height of four metres in ideal conditions. Our specimen is about one metre tall and is about four years old. Obviously it is not growing in ideal conditions. Dark green linear leaves with pointed tips and clusters of apricot-pink flowers characterise this hybrid. Flowers are produced for most of the year. Even our slightly shrunken specimen is covered in flowers for many months. Eastern Spinebills visit the flowers and delicately sip the nectar held in the base of the flowers. Crimson Rosellas are also partial to the nectar. Their method of extraction is to chew off the flowers.
Grevillea Poorinda Queen is similar in appearance to another popular hybrid, Grevillea Poorinda Constance. The only difference is flower colour.
Propagation must be from cuttings in order to maintain the desirable characteristics of this handsome hybrid.