Cream-lanigera.JPG (26102 bytes)Grevillea lanigera: is known as the Woolly Grevillea. The name refers to the hairy branches and leaves. The Woolly Grevillea occurs in southern NSW and eastern Victoria. The species comes in a number of forms. The Grevillea Book (Volume 2) by Olde and Marriott describes six distinct forms. We have a form from the NSW Alps that has developed into a small, suckering shrub with pink-red flowers. We also have a yellow-flowering Woolly Grevillea (see image). This is known as the “Robust” form. Our specimen has grown into a small upright shrub and in spring becomes covered with yellow flowers. Both forms have proved to be hardy and have resisted frosts and drought. The nectar-rich flowers attract honeyeaters.
Propagate form cuttings.