G.Whitewings.JPG (34418 bytes)Grevillea White Wings: is a well-known and widely cultivated hybrid. The parents may be Grevillea glabra and either Grevillea triloba or Grevillea vestita. Establishing the parentage of hybrid Grevilleas is often difficult. Hybrids usually arise in gardens where a number of Grevillea varieties are growing. Who liased with who is often difficult to establish.
Meanwhile, back with Grevillea White Wings. It will grow into a tall, vigorous, spreading shrub. Some specimens may reach a height of three metres with a similar spread. Judicious pruning will keep the plants at a reasonable height. The rigid leaves are light green and prickly. The slender, perfumed, white flowers appear in winter and spring. They resemble the blooms of Grevillea triloba (one of the suspected parents). Grevillea White Wings is probably too large and too prickly for the average town garden but would be suitable for larger gardens and rural properties. Try Grevillea White Wings in a shrubbery or native hedgerow. We have a specimen, at Yallaroo, which is at least ten years old, still growing vigorously and blooming bounteously.
Propagate from cuttings.