G.Ned_Kelly.JPG (28925 bytes)Grevillea Ned Kelly: is a hybrid whose parents are said to be a form of Grevillea banksii and a form of Grevillea bipinnatifida. This attractive Grevillea has had a number of names during its chequered career. The initial name was “Mason’s Hybrid” and then “Kentlyn”.
A few years ago the hybrid was heavily promoted as “Ned Kelly”. The label that came with the plant was in the shape of Ned Kelly’s armour. Ned Kelly was a famous (or infamous) Australian bushranger.
Grevillea Ned Kelly is a small, spreading shrub with bright green lobed leaves. Large flowers heads are carried for many months and are orange-red and age to pinkish-orange. The styles are red. The flowers are rich in nectar and attract honeyeaters.
In cold climates, “Ned Kelly” could slightly burnt by frosts. We avoid damage by planting this Grevillea amongst other shrubs for protection.
Grevillea Ned Kelly is similar to the better-known Grevillea Robyn Gordon. “Ned Kelly” has paler flowers and may be more cold tolerant.
Remove spent flowers after flowering to keep the plant bushy and blooming bounteously.
Grevillea Ned Kelly must be propagated from cuttings to maintain its desirable characteristics.