Moonlight.JPG (26593 bytes)Grevillea Moonlight: Is one of a large number of tropical hybrid Grevilleas. Of course the parents of these hybrids are usually species native to sub-tropical and tropical areas of Northern Australia. Consequently these hybrids are not happy growing in areas prone to frost. We live in such an area but are having some success in growing a number of these warm climate Grevilleas. We cultivate them in a garden bed sheltered by other shrubs and near to the north-facing metal wall of our shed. During winter the shed wall heats up and radiates heat during the night. Both shelter and radiation reduce frost damage.
Meanwhile back at Grevillea Moonlight: Its parents are reputed to be Grevillea banksii and Grevillea whiteana. In ideal conditions “Moonlight” will grow into a large shrub up to 4 m tall by 2.5 m wide. The large white flowers have a flush of pink and appear for most of the year.
Because of the growing conditions, our “Moonlight” will not reach these dizzy heights. In fact it is about 2 m tall by less than 1 m wide. Regardless of the reduced size, our specimen flowers prolifically and the blooms are a magnet for many honeyeaters.
The image is of a large specimen growing on the Central Coast of NSW.
Propagation must be from cuttings.