Canterbury_gold.JPG (22004 bytes)Grevillea Austraflora Canterbury Gold is said to be a hybrid between a yellow-flowered form of G. juniperina and G. victoriae var leptoneura. “Canterbury Gold” is a spreading, short to medium shrub with arching branches. The leaves are lance-like and the flowers are bright yellow and are carried in large, slightly pendulous clusters. The main flowering season is late spring and early summer although there are some flowers present at other times. We have a number of specimens growing at Yallaroo and they have proved to be hard and free flowering. One plant is over ten years old. Propagates readily from cuttings.

A footnote: We found a seedling grevillea growing in a roadside drain near a cultivated “Canterbury Gold”. The foliage was similar to “Canterbury Gold” and cuttings propagated from the seedling have produced large red flower clusters similar in shape and size (if not in colour) to “Canterbury Gold”. Perhaps the seedling was a hybrid between “Canterbury Gold” and a red flowering grevillea. The progeny, of the seedling, are now valued members of our grevillea collection. The original seedling as destroyed during road works.