Fortyfoot_Falls.JPG (16427 bytes)Forty Foot Falls: Mittagong is a town on the Southern highlands, south of Sydney. There are a number of National Parks and other reserves close to the town. Mount Alexandra Reserve is on the outskirts of Mittagong and is administered by the local council. Within the Reserve there are many walking tracks and bulges at the seams with many interesting native plants. The Box Vale Track is on the western side of the Reserve. We recently (January 2001) walked to the Forty Foot Falls along a well-maintained track. Plenty of Waratahs (Telopea speciosissima) were growing along the track. They usually flower in late spring but there was no evidence of spent flowers or fruits on the plants we saw. Banksia spinulosa (Hairpin Banksia) were common in the area with some tall specimens growing beside the track. These plants were carrying spent flowers heads and seed-carrying cones. Large clumps of a Cassinia (Asteraceae family) were growing under the eucalypt canopy. This medium shrub had large heads of bright yellow flowers. A species with great horticultural potential. A short steep track leads from a lookout platform to the base of Forty Foot Falls. There is a large cave behind the falls. The photograph is a view through the water from the cave.