Flindersia_collina.jpg (40920 bytes)Flindersia collina: is a member of the Rutaceae family in company with the native Boronias and Correas as well as the exotic citrus. The species is known as the Leopard Ash or Broad-leaved Leopard Ash.

Flindersia collina is a small to lage tree with a dark green crown. The bark is mottled in a variety of colours including grey, green and brown. This mottled appearance has given rise to the common names.

The leaves are divided and between 5-15 centimetres long, smooth, green on both surfaces and leathery with a blunt or notched tip.

The flowers are white and held in large, loose clusters known as panicles. Each flower is six centimetres across. Blooms appear in spring. The woody fruits separate into five distinct boat-shaped valves. Each valve holds four seeds that are winged on both ends. Seeds are dispersed by wind. The fruits are used in dried flower arrangements.

The timber is used for flooring. In warmer, frost-free areas, the Leopard Ash could be grown as a “stand alone” specimen. Perhaps in cooler areas the species could be grown as an indoor plant. The bark is an outstanding and eye-catching feature as may be seen from the image (taken at Cumberland State Forest, Sydney).

Flindersia collina is native to dry rainforests of north-eastern New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland.

Propagate from fresh seed.