Grevillea_Evelyns.jpg (40240 bytes)Grevillea Evelyn’s Coronet: is thought to be a hybrid with Grevillea buxifolia and Grevillea lavendulacea as parents. “Evelyn’s Coronet” develops into a medium, rounded shrub. The narrow-oblong leaves are about 20 mm long. The handsome flowers are held erect and are carried on the ends of branches. The flowers have the appearance of a crown or coronet. The woolly flowers are greyish-pink with bright pink styles. The flower shape and colour are reminiscent of Grevillea buxifolia. “Evelyn’s Coronet” is an eye-catching plant. The flower shape and colour are attractive features. At Yallaroo this hybrid has proved to be hardy and free flowering. It is certainly easier to grow and propagate than Grevillea buxifolia. Pruning will keep the plants compact and blooming bounteously.
Must be propagated from cuttings.