E.youmannii.JPG (34043 bytes)Eucalyptus youmanii: is known as Youman’s Stringybark and is one of seven Eucalypt species that are native to Yallaroo.
Youman’s Stringybark is a medium tree with rough bark that peels off in long strips (hence the common name). The mature leaves are leathery and dark green on both surfaces. Buds are carried in clusters of from seven to eleven. The gum nuts are globular with exserted (protruding) valves.
Eucalyptus youmanii grows naturally on hills and ridges in well-drained soils. The species occurs in the Northern tablelands, of New South Wales and southern Queensland .
The leaves contain rutin. This is an important compound used to treat capillary and vein disorders. The timber is used for fencing and general construction.
Eucalyptus youmanii could be grown for shade, shelter or in windbreaks.
We have Eucalyptus youmanii and Eucalyptus laevopinea growing together on the rocky hillside near our house. We have difficulty separating these two Eucalypts. The differences appear to be: in Eucalyptus laevopinea the gum nuts are stalked whilst the gum nuts of Eucalyptus youmanii have no stalks (are sessile). In the former the buds are angled whilst the latter has rounded buds.
We have propagated both species, from seed, and have found that the juvenile leaves of Eucalyptus laevopinea are long, narrow and dark green. Eucalyptus youmanii has short, broad and light green juvenile leaves.
Propagate from seed.