E.torquata1.JPG (52971 bytes)Eucalyptus torquata: is known as the Coral Gum and is a native of Western Australia .
Eucalyptus torquata is a small, spreading tree with rough grey to black bark on the trunk. The leaves are lanceolate, dull green to glaucous with a faint venation pattern.
The buds are carried in clusters of seven. They take on a red colour just before flowering. The bottom section, of the cap, is ribbed and has a beak-like extension. Buds are very distinctive and unlike any other Eucalypt buds.
Flowers are large and usually pink. White, cream and red flowers have been observed. Flowering occurs between September and January with sporadic blooming at other times. Some specimens have flowers for most of the year. Plants will flower two years after planting. Blooms produce quantities of nectar and pollen.
The capsules, or gum nuts, are also distinctive with a corrugated or ribbed base.
The Coral Gum is widely cultivated in the drier, inland areas of Australia . The specimen illustrated was a street tree growing in Nyngan in western New South Wales .
Eucalyptus torquata is also grown in Israel , Arizona and California .
Try this beautiful Eucalypt as a specimen plant or in a native shrubbery.
Propagate from seed.