E.pulchella.JPG (33511 bytes)Eucalyptus pulchella: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is known as the White Peppermint.

Eucalyptus pulchella is a small to medium tree. The bark is smooth, white, pale yellowish or greyish. Old trees may have a stocking of rough bark around the base.

The leaves are linear to lanceolate and blue-green to green in colour. The buds are carried in clusters of 7 to 15. Flowers are cream, profuse and about 1.5 centimetres across. Flowering extends from December to March. The flowers are followed by cup-shaped gum nuts.

Eucalyptus pulchella occurs only in Tasmania but adapts to cultivation in other areas. There is a record of the White Peppermint growing in Naples, Italy, in 1829.

The White Peppermint could be cultivated as a “stand alone” specimen or as a component of shelterbelts and windbreaks.

The specimen illustrated is growing in the gardens at Yallaroo and is about four years old. The photo shows buds, flowers and gum nuts in the same cluster. We have never observed this occurrence on any other Eucalypt. The plant in question is covered in developing buds.

Propagate from seed.