E.platypus.JPG (39414 bytes)Eucalyptus platypus: is a member of the Myrtaceae family, known as the Round-leaved Moort and is a Western Australian native.

Eucalyptus platypus is a bushy tree that may reach a height of ten metres. The bark is smooth, grey and comes off in long strips during late summer and autumn. The revealed new bark is pinkish-brown. The leaves are almost circular, mid to dark green, leathery and glossy with wavy margins.

Buds are carried in clusters of seven. They are suspended on a distinctive curved and flattened peduncle (flower stalk). The cream-yellow to yellow-green flowers are about four centimetres across and appear between October and March. Sporadic flowering may occur at other times. The capsules or gum nuts are pear shaped.

The Round-leaved Moort is an ornamental species. Bark, foliage and flowers are all attractive features.

Eucalyptus platypus is small enough to be accommodated in most suburban gardens.

The species name means wide foot and refers to the broad, flat peduncle.

Propagate from seed.