E.orbifolia.JPG (30946 bytes)Eucalyptus orbifolia: is known as the Round-leaved Mallee and grpows into a tall shrub or small tree. Eucalyptus orbifolia develops mallee growth habit with multiple stems arising from a lignotuber. The bark is smooth and reddish-brown. In late summer and autumn the bark peels off in small, curly ribbons. The young stems are silvery. Leaves are almost circular, grey-green and notched at the apex. Flowers are carried in clusters of seven. They are about 2.5 centimetres in diameter and cream to pale yellow. The blooms are profuse, conspicuous and appear in winter. Bell-shaped fruits follow the flowers. Everything about this Eucalypt is attractive. Growth habit, trunk, foliage, flowers and fruit are all striking features. Eucalyptus orbifolia is said to flower when very young.
The Round-leaved Mallee is small enough to be accommodated in most gardens. The specimen illustrated is growing vigorously in Mount Annan Botanic Garden, south of Sydney.
Eucalyptus orbifolia is a native of Western Australia and is one of a large number of small, attractive Eucalypts from this part off Australia.
Propagates readily from seed.