E.macrandra1.JPG (41752 bytes)Eucalyptus macrandra: is a member of the Myrtaceae family, known as the Long-floweredE.macrandra2.JPG (42324 bytes) Marlock and is a native of Western Australia.

Eucalyptus macrandra is a tall shrub or small tree that may have either a solitary trunk or multiple stems. The smooth bark is greyish. Bark is shed during late summer and autumn. The revealed new bark is greenish-brown to brown. The leaves are lanceolate, leathery and bright green.

Buds are carried in clusters of fifteen. Flowers are four centimetres across, yellow to yellow-green, profuse and conspicuous. Flowering occurs between December and March. Honeyeaters are attracted to the nectar-filled flowers. The capsules or gum nuts are cup-shaped.

Eucalyptus macrandra has a number of attractive features. Bark, buds and flowers are eye-catching features.

The species is small enough to be accommodated in most gardens.

The images of buds and flowers are from a specimen in our garden. This plant flowered after three years from planting.

Propagate from seed.