E.kruseana.JPG (34271 bytes)Eucalyptus kruseana: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is known as the
Bookleaf Mallee. This name refers to the arrangement and appearance of the blue-grey, round leaves. They are about 2 centimetres in diameter.
Eucalyptus kruseana is a multi-branched shrub that will reach a height of 3 metres with a spread of 1 metre. 
Beautiful flowers are creamy-yellow, conspicuous and profuse. They appear in autumn and winter and are carried in clusters near the ends of branches.
Bark, foliage, buds, flowers and fruits are all attractive features.
Eucalyptus kruseana does best in sunny, well-drained situations. The Bookleaf Mallee copes with drought, frost and hard pruning.
Foliage and flowers are used in cut flower arrangements.
Eucalyptus kruseana is one of many Eucalypts cultivated in California.
The Bookleaf Mallee is small enough to be accommodated in most suburban backyards.
The specimen illustrated is growing in one of our gardens and produced buds after only two years in the ground.
Propagate from seed.