E.grossa.JPG (18781 bytes)Eucalyptus grossa: is commonly known as the Coarse-leaved Mallee and is a native of southern Western Australia . The Coarse-leaved Mallee is a tall shrub or small tree with open to moderately dense foliage. This unusual Eucalypt may have a solitary trunk or multiple stems (mallee growth habit).
The bark is rough and grey on the trunk. Stems are smooth and pale red. The leathery leaves may be lance-like or oval in shape. The mid-rib is yellow.
Red and green bullet-shaped buds are carried in clusters of seven and bend downwards. Flowers are large, yellow to yellow-green, profuse and extremely conspicuous. Large, cylindrical capsules follow the flowers. Foliage, buds, flowers and capsules are all attractive features.
Young plants may be frost tender but become resistant once plants mature. The Coarse-leaved Mallee tolerates drought.
Eucalyptus grossa may be cultivated as a “stand alone’ specimen or as an informal hedge. Plants respond to judicious pruning.
The Coarse-leaved Mallee has been cultivated in California and is used as a small street tree at Woomera, in the inland of South Australia .
The image is specimen sent to us from a street tree growing in Tamworth in central New South Wales .
Propagate from seed.