Eucalyptus_gillii.JPG (45802 bytes)Eucalyptus gillii: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and has various common names including: Curly Mallee, Arkaroola Mallee, Broken Hill Mallee and Silver Mallee.

Eucalyptus gillii is a small tree that may reach a height of eight metres. Bark is smooth over most of the trunk with persistent and flaky bark at the base.

Leaves may be lanceolate to broadly egg-shaped or heart-shaped. They may be green, grey-green or blue-grey.

Buds are carried in clusters of 3-9 with a pointed cap. Flowers are two centimetres across, pale yellow, profuse and conspicuous. Flowering occurs between June and December.

Eucalyptus gillii is uncommon in nature. There are isolated populations in the Flinders Ranges, northern South Australia and near Broken Hill in western New South Wales.

The Curly Mallee is an attractive small tree with interesting buds and attractive flowers. The foliage has potential as filler for cut flower arrangements. The species could be used in hedges and low windbreaks.

The specimen illustrated is growing at Yallaroo and flowered for the first time in October 2009. The plant is only one metre tall and carried dozens of buds.

Propagate from seed.