E.diversifolia.JPG (30528 bytes)Eucalyptus diversifolia: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is known as the Soap or Coastal White Mallee.

Eucalyptus diversifolia is a small, spreading tree that, in the wild, may develop a multi-stemmed, mallee growth habit. Dense foliage may reach the ground.

The bark is smooth and light to dark grey. In late spring and autumn, bark is shed in long strips. This reveals cream to dark grey fresh bark.

Leaves are lanceolate, 12 centimetres long by two centimetres wide, greyish-green to dull green with prominent venation. Buds are carried in clusters of from 3 to 11. Flowers are 1.5 centimetres across, white to cream, profuse, conspicuous and sweetly fragrant. Blooms are carried between June and December. The gum nuts are 1.2 centimetres by 1.5 centimetres, hemispherical to globular with valves that may be slightly exserted (protruding).

In our garden, Eucalyptus diversifolia has proved to be frost and drought tolerant. Soap Mallee could be cultivated as a “stand alone” specimen or incorporated in wind breaks and shelterbelts.

Eucalyptus diversifolia occurs along coastal and sub coastal areas in southern Australia.

Propagate from seed.