E.dealbata.JPG (38824 bytes)Eucalyptus dealbata: is known as the Tumbledown Red Gum and is a small to medium tree with a solitary trunk. The bark is deciduous, comes of in large plates, and is white mottled with grey and smooth. The flowers are carried in clusters of five to ten. Flowers are cream and carried between May-December. The flowers produce good quality honey and are an important source of pollen for bees.

Eucalyptus dealbata occurs naturally on Yallaroo. In the spring and early summer of 2004 our trees burst into bloom. Initially the foliage appeared to take on a yellow-brown colour. Closer inspection revealed that this was the colour of the developing buds. This has been the best flowering, of Eucalyptus dealbata, in ten years.

The Tumbledown Red Gum could be grown in windbreaks, woodlots and stock shelter on rural properties.

Propagate from seed.