E.curtisii.JPG (42015 bytes)Eucalyptus curtisii: is known as the Plunkett Mallee. This small tree will reach a maximum height of six metres. The bark is smooth, shed in thin strips and leaden grey to greenish white in colour. The club-shaped buds are carried in large clusters. The white, profuse and showy flowers appear in spring and early summer.

Eucalyptus curtisii has limited distribution and is found in southern Queensland. In the wild the Plunkett Mallee adopts a multi-stemmed growth habit. In cultivation, the plants usually confine themselves to a single trunk.

Eucalyptus curtisii is a highly ornamental small tree. Mature plants have massed heads of white flowers. Honeyeaters are attracted to the flowers. Some specimens will flower in two years. The plant illustrated is growing in our gardens at Yallaroo. This tree is three years old and this is the first flowering (spring 2004).

Eucalyptus curtisii is small enough to be grown in the larger suburban garden as a “stand alone” specimen plant.

Propagate from seed.