E.bakeri.JPG (38795 bytes)Eucalyptus bakeri: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is known as Baker’s Mallee.
Baker’s Mallee is a small to medium tree that may have a single trunk or multiple stems. The bark is smooth, light grey and shed in narrow strips. Leaves are long, narrow, leathery and dark green on both surfaces. The flowers are white and carried in clusters of 5-12. Capsules or gum nuts are globular with protruding valves.
Eucalyptus bakeri will respond positively to coppicing. Single-trunked specimens will produce multiple stems when the trunk is cut off above ground level.
Baker’s Mallee is considered endangered. Although the species occurs over a wide area in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland it is not common anywhere.
One author states: “This species has little ornamental value”. We tend to differ and feel that Eucalyptus bakeri is an attractive small tree. The species is small enough to be accommodated in suburban gardens as a “stand alone” specimen or incorporated in native hedgerows. We have planted a number of specimens in the Yallaroo gardens.
Propagate from seed.