E.apiculata.JPG (35868 bytes)Eucalyptus apiculata: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is known as the Narrow-leaved Mallee Ash.

Eucalyptus apiculata is a multi-stemmed shrub that reaches a maximum height of six metres. The bark is smooth, white or grey-green and shed in strips.

Leaves are narrow, very pointed and glossy-green. They are 12 centimetres long and between 5-7 millimetres wide.

Buds are carried in clusters of seven; their caps are short, distinctly conical and covered in small warts. The flowers are white and appear between August and October. Gum nuts are urn-shaped with enclosed valves.

The Narrow-leaved Mallee Ash is classified as a rare species. Although having a wide geographic range the species only occurs in small, scattered populations. Some populations are protected in national parks or other reserves. Eucalyptus apiculata is found in the Blue Mountains and Southern Tablelands of New South Wales.

In the wild the species has a preference for rocky outcrops. In cultivation Eucalyptus apiculata enjoys growing in well-drained situations.

Eucalyptus apiculata is an attractive tall shrub that is small enough to be cultivated in suburban backyards.

The Narrow-leaved Mallee Ash is similar in appearance to the better known and more widely distributed Eucalyptus stricta.

Propagate from seed.