E.albens.JPG (36281 bytes)Eucalyptus albens: is known as the White Box is one of seven Eucalypt species native to Yallaroo.
Eucalyptus albens will grow into a medium to tall tree. The trunk is short and straight. The crown is rounded to spreading. Bark is persistent, light grey to whitish with bleached patches. Branches are smooth and white. Leave are oval to lance-like and are grey to bluish-green on both surfaces. The buds are carried in clusters of three to seven and are spindle-shaped. Large flowers are profuse and creamy-white. The gum nuts are barrel-shaped.
In the winter and spring of 2005 our White Boxes flowered generously over a long period. Large Honeyeaters and Rainbow Lorikeets filled the trees with strident bird song.
Eucalyptus albens is found from southern Queensland through the western slopes and tablelands of New South Wales to Victoria . There is also an isolated population in South Australia . The White Box does not extend further east than Yallaroo on the Northern Tablelands.
Eucalyptus albens is cultivated in California .
White Box is an excellent shade tree and could also be incorporated in windbreaks and woodlots.
Propagate from seed.