E.splendens.JPG (27908 bytes)Eremophila splendens: is a member of the Myoporaceae family. Eremophilas are commonly known as Emu Bushes and the genus name means desert loving. Most species occur in semi-arid and arid regions throughout all Australian mainland states. There are at least 210 species plus a number of cultivars.
Eremophila splendens is a small, open shrub reaching a height of about one metre. The leaves are greyish, hairy and oval in shape. Bright red, tubular flowers are carried in winter and spring. The flowers are rich in nectar and attract honeyeaters. Both foliage and flowers are attractive features.
The plant illustrated is a grafted specimen. Usually Eremophilas are grafted onto Myoporum rootstock. Grafted Eremophilas are usually planted in coastal areas. Myoporum roots are said to be more resistant to humid coastal conditions than Eremophila roots.
On our 900 metre hill, well inland from the sea, humidity is not a problem. In this situation Eremophilas are happy growing on their own roots. This grafted specimen was a present.
We have propagated cuttings from this specimen and they should survive and thrive in our gardens. The species comes from the South Western Botanical Province of Western Australia and is said to be rare or little known.
Propagation presents no problems from cuttings.