E.racemosa.JPG (31745 bytes)Eremophila racemosa: is a member of the Myoporaceae family and is a rounded shrub reaching a height of 1.5 metres.
Leaves are narrow to oblanceolate (broader near the apex), with a succulent feel.
The buds are yellow and become orange as they develop. They open to deep reddish purple blooms. The flowers are tubular and held on “S” shaped pedicels (flower stalks). Flowers are rich in nectar and attract honeyeaters.
A common name for this Emu Bush is “Peaches and Cream” and refers to the range of colours of the buds and flowers.
Flowering is usually in spring with sporadic blooming at other times. Our specimens are rarely without flowers.
Tip pruning is appreciated.
Eremophila racemosa is one of our favourite Emu Bushes and copes with drought and frost.
Although common in cultivation, “Peaches and Cream” is native to a limited area in the south-west corner Western Australia.