Eremophila_laanii.jpg (61574 bytes)Eremophila laanii: is a member of the Myoporaceae family and may develop into an upright shrub reaching a height of four metres. Judicious pruning will keep plants to a dense, more manageable height of between one to two metres,

Eremophila laanii has leaves that are narrow, flat with a pointed apex and a succulent feel.

Flowers are tubular; two centimetres long, white, pink or reddish pink and are conspicuous and extremely profuse. Honeyeaters are attracted to the flowers. The main flowering period extends from August to January with sporadic flowering at other times.

Eremophila laanii is a very showy species. The specimen illustrated is growing in our garden and is covered with blooms during the lengthy flowering period. We have many Eremophilas in the gardens at Yallaroo and Eremophila laanii is one of the most spectacular.

This Emu Bush is a native of western central Western Australia.

Propagate from cuttings. We are certainly going to propagate more of this spectacular Eremophila.