Eremophila_debilis.JPG (65497 bytes)Eremophila debilis: is a member of the Myoporaceae family and was previously known as Myoporum debile. The species is sometimes sold under this name.

Eremophila debilis, the Winter Apple, is a ground cover. Plants usually have a diameter of one metre.

The leaves are bright green and tend to curve upwards. The five-petalled flowers are white, tinged with lilac and appear in spring and summer. The blooms are followed by fleshy fruits that turn purple when mature.

Eremophila debilis is found in eastern New South Wales as well as Queensland. There is a small population about 20 kilometres west of Yallaroo. This is the closest naturally occurring Eremophila to Yallaroo.

Growth habit, foliage, flowers and fruit are all attractive features. For maximum coverage try planting at 1.5 metre centres. Pinch out the growing tips to improve density. Eremophila debilis could be grown with the ground covering Myoporum parvifolium in native garden beds to form weed-suppressing carpets.

Eremophila debilis propagates rapidly from cuttings.