E.biserrata.JPG (33793 bytes)Eremophila biserrata: is a member of the Myoporaceae family and its common name is Emu Bush in company with all other Eremophilas. There are at least 206 Eremophila species. With one exception all are Australian natives. The odd Emu Bush out occurs in New Zealand .
Eremophila biserrata is a prostrate plant that may have a spread of two metres. Rooting occurs at the nodes. The leaves are more or less spoon-shaped, up to three centimetres long with toothed margins.
Tubular flowers are lime-green to yellowish. Spring is the main flowering period with sporadic flowering during the summer months.
Tip prune to keep plants dense. A well-pruned plant will form a dense, colourful carpet.
Our original plants came from a specimen growing in the gardens of a caravan park in Longreach , Queensland . This specimen had developed into a dense ground cover.
This species could be cultivated in many garden situations. Under other natives in garden beds, rockeries and shrubberies would be suit Eremophila biserrata.
Cuttings strike rapidly. We have had cuttings produce roots in a fortnight.