emacul1.JPG (37844 bytes)Eremophila is an endemic genus endemic to Australia. There are about 180 species and usually occur in the drier inland areas of the continent. The genus name means desert loving. Emu Bush is the common name. Many species have adapted to cultivation and one of the best known is Eremophila maculata, the Spotted Emu Bush. This hardy medium shrub is one of the most widespread and variable Emu Bush. Eremophila maculata has tubular, nectar-filled flowers which come in a bewildering range of colours. Yellow, pink, apricot,  red and deep crimson are all featured in the Spotted Emu Bush's palette of flower colours. There are a number of colour forms growing in our gardens at Yallaroo. Two favorites are the red form illustrated and a bright yellow form known as "Aurea". The flowers have a distinctive "S"-shaped stalks or pedicels. Many native birds are attracted to the flowers. All forms have long flowering periods. Cuttings propagate readily.