Epacris_purpurpurascens.jpg (55153 bytes)Epacris purpurascens: is a member of the Epacridaceae family and is known as the Port Jackson Heath (Port Jackson is usually known as Sydney Harbour).

Epacris purpurascens is a small shrub, reaching a height of 1.5 metres, with upright branches. Leaves are about one centimetre long, concave, crowded and curved upright with a fine point.

The showy flowers are bell-shaped, about one centimetre across, initially pink deepening with age and forming dense terminal clusters. Spring is the flowering period. Prune each stem behind spent flowers when they fade.

Epacris purpurascens is a showy, free flowering shrub and would be at home as a foreground plant in native shrubberies or included in cottage gardens and rockeries.

Epacris purpurascens occurs north and south of Sydney. Although classified as vulnerable the species occurs in a number of national parks, south and north of Sydney.

There is a sub species, with white flowers, that is found in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

The species name means becoming purple and refers to the flowers.

Propagate from cuttings of firm new growth. Seeds are a trifle hard to collect and germinate.