Elaeocarpus_reticulatus.JPG (42108 bytes)Elaeocarpus reticulatus: is a member of the Elaeocarpaceae family, known as the Blueberry Ash and is a native of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Elaeocarpus reticulatus is a tall shrub or small tree with brown bark.

Young shoots are an attractive pinkish red. Adult leaves are oblong to lanceolate, dark glossy green with shallow teeth along the margins. They may be up to 11 centimetres long and 3.5 centimetres wide.

Flowers are carried in clusters in the leaf axils, bell-shaped with fringed petals, perfumed, white sometimes pink and appear from October to January. Blooms are followed by oval to globular, dark, shiny blue, fleshy fruits that are held on the plant for lengthy periods. Foliage, flowers and fruits are all attractive features.

Blueberry Ash is found in a wide range of habitats, along the eastern Australian coast, including dry rainforest and coastal scrub. We have observed the species growing naturally in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales and a bushland reserve in Sydney.

Blueberry Ash is widely cultivated and will accept situations ranging from full shade to full sun. We have not attempted to cultivate Blueberry Ash as we feel that plants will not take kindly to frost. In the future we will attempt to grow a specimen in a container under the shelter of our patio roof.

“Prima Donna” is a cultivar that has attractive pink flowers.

Propagation from seed is said to be rather difficult. Cuttings are a better proposition as they strike reasonably easily.