E.hastata.JPG (57918 bytes)Einadia hastata: is a member of the Chenopodiaceae (Saltbush) family and is known as the Berry Saltbush. The species was previously known as Rhagodia hastata.

The Berry Saltbush is a dense, slightly mounded ground cover. Individual plants may cover an area of about one metre square. The leaves are spade-shaped, usually dark green but taking on an eye-catching purplish tinge in the colder months. The flowers are insignificant as are the small, red, berry-like fruits. Something does eat the fruits because seedlings pop up in various parts of the garden away from existing Berry Saltbushes.

The Berry Saltbush is an excellent ground cover with dense, weed-suppressing, attractive foliage. In colder areas plants in the open may be cut by frost.

Einadia hastata could be grown with Myoporum parvifolium, Weeping Boobialla. Together they will form a dense, colourful ground cover.

Einadia hastata occurs throughout New South Wales as well as Queensland and Victoria.

The Berry Saltbush propagates readily from cuttings.