Eastern_Rosella.JPG (35700 bytes)Eastern Rosella (Platycerus eximius): is an Australian parrot that is 290 to 340 millimetres long. This extremely colourful bird has bright scarlet head and upper breast with white cheeks. Wings are black mottled above with blue shoulders and yellow below.

Eastern Rosellas are observed in pairs or small flocks. They are often seen on roadsides or perched on fences. They often associate with other parrots including Crimson Rosellas.

Eastern Rosellas are found in open forests, woodlands and nearby grasslands. They also inhabit paddocks, grain crops, gardens and parks.

They nest in tree hollows on decayed matter. White, four to seven, rounded eggs are laid.

Eastern Rosellas are found in south-eastern Queensland, eastern New South Wales, most of Victoria, south-western South Australia and western Tasmania.

We sometimes observe Eastern Rosellas visiting Yallaroo but they are not as plentiful as Crimson Rosellas. They never visit our bird feeder but, as the photo shows, will visit feeders in other gardens. This pair was photographed in a Tamworth garden.