East-Common-Froglet.jpg (12754 bytes)Eastern Common Froglet (Crinia signifera): is between 18-28mm long. The pattern on their backs varies considerably. Some have longitudinal ridges; others have boomerang ridges on shoulder and back and another variation is smooth, unpatterned backs or with small warts. The Eastern Common Froglet is widely distributed along the coast, ranges and western slopes and plains of south-eastern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and south-east South Australia.
It is one of Eastern Australia’s most common and widespread frogs. Its call is cricket-like and may be heard all day throughout the year.
Adults are most common in a variety of habitats from wet and dry forests to alpine areas.
They often shelter under logs and other debris usually in moist situations. Large numbers may be found sheltering together. We have observed ten sheltering on moist soil under a vegetable box together with a solitary Spotted Grass Frog.