Eremophila-microtheca.JPG (10232 bytes)Eremophila microtheca: is a dwarf shrub that reaches a height of about one metre. The small leaves are crowded along the stems. The foliage has a pungent curry-like odour. Some people find the odour rather unpleasant. Of course this is an opinion based on the nose of the beholder. This may be the only Eremophila with perfumed (?) foliage.
The tubular flowers are about 15mm long, lilac in colour, usually clustered towards the ends of branchlets and appear in early spring.
Eremophila microtheca is a very attractive small plant and could be cultivated in rockeries and native cottage gardens.
Eremophila microtheca is rare in the wild with limited distribution and occurs in southwest Western Australia. The species is becoming available in many nurseries so the risk of extinction has been considerably reduced.
Eremophila microtheca propagates readily from cuttings.