E.eximia_nana.JPG (40264 bytes)Eucalyptus eximia nana: is known as the Dwarf Bloodwood and is a member of the Myrtaceae family.
In spring, plants become covered in flowers. Many insects, including native bees, visit the flowers. The flowering period is rather short but when in flower the Dwarf Bloodwood is an eye-catching species.
The flowers are followed by large, barrel-shaped capsules. Seeds are retained and are shiny and reddish brown.
Eucalyptus eximia nana is a native of New South Wales .
Cultivate this species as a “stand alone” specimen in a lawn or as a component of shelter belts and wind breaks.
Some botanists have moved the Bloodwood Eucalypts and renamed them Corymbia. We consider this is their botanical name and will continue to use Eucalyptus eximia nana as the horticultural name of this species.
Propagate from seed.