Euc-cren.JPG (20369 bytes)Eucalyptus crenulata: is a rare species from Victoria. It is found naturally in two small forest reserves. There are probably more specimens in cultivation than ever occurred in the wild. Eucalyptus crenulata is known as the Silver Gum or Buxton Gum and develops into a medium tree. The small, toothed leaves are greenish-grey and are often used in cut flower arrangements. The foliage contrasts with other plants in the garden. The profuse flowers are white to cream and appear in spring. The Silver Gum is equally at home in well-drained or moist situations. Eucalyptus crenulata could be cultivated as a “stand alone” specimen tree or as a component of a shelterbelt.
Propagates readily from seed. We have managed (more by good luck than management) to strike one cutting.