E.formannii.JPG (25790 bytes)Eucalyptus formanii:  is another horticultural surprise. We have a specimen that is about ten years old and has developed into a small tree with long, narrow leaves and rough bark. The flowering period is the surprising horticultural feature of this eucalypt. The conspicuous cream flowers appear for almost six months of every year.
Our Eucalyptus formanii has a single trunk. In the wild it may develop a mallee growth habit.
Eucalyptus formanii is classified as a rare plant with limited natural distribution. It only occurs in a small area of southwest Western Australia.
The species is an ideal “Backyard Eucalypt” because it is small enough to grow in most suburban gardens and will not overwhelm either house or garden.
Our specimen is growing in a well-drained situation and has proved to be both drought and frost tolerant.
Eucalyptus formanii is valued for honey production and propagates readily from seed.