E.calorhabdos.JPG (16114 bytes)Eremophila calorhabdos: is known as Red Rod. The name refers to the flower colour (ranging from pink to red) and the upright growth habit of this beautiful Emu Bush. Red Rod is said to grow to a height of two metres with upright vertical branches. At Yallaroo our specimens do not reach these dizzy heights. Our plants grow to about one metre with one or two vertical branches. Even these rather dwarfed Red Rods are attractive plants with their tightly clustered leaves and profuse tubular flowers. The main flowering period is from winter to summer with sporadic blooms at other times. The flowers attract honeyeaters. Judicious pruning promotes bushy growth. Eremophila calorhabdos is a native of Western Australia and grows in semi-arid areas. The species name means beautiful wand for obvious reasons.
Red Rod propagates readily from cuttings.