Dusky_bells.JPG (22583 bytes)Correa Dusky Bells: is one of our favourite Correas. We are reasonably confident in identifying this hybrid unlike lots of other Correas. The parents of “Dusky Bell” are said to be Correa reflexa and Correa pulchella. Correa reflexa has fathered (or should that be mothered) more hybrids than any other Correa. At Yallaroo “Dusky Bells” has proved to be hardy, free flowering and bird attracting (as are most of the genus). “Dusky Bells” develops into a dense, spreading shrub about 50 cm tall with a spread of at least one metre. The carmine-pink flowers appear in autumn and winter with a few blooms at other times. An annual light pruning will keep the plant compact, bushy and blooming bounteously. Propagates easily from cuttings.