Drymophila_moorei.jpg (49768 bytes)Drymophila moorei: is a member of the Luzuriagaceae family. The genus was previously included in the Liliaceae family.

Drymophila moorei is known as the Orange berry and is a perennial herb, about 40 centimetres tall, with a creeping rhizome (underground stem). The leaves are obovate and up to six centimetres long. Flowers are white to pale pink and about 1.5 centimetres in diameter. The flowering period extends from November to January. Blooms are followed by orange berries (hence the common name). Both flowers and fruits are attractive features.

The Orange Berry is found in cooler rainforests on the northern ranges of New South Wales as well as southern Queensland.

Drymophila moorei prefers very sheltered, moist situations. Could be grown in ferneries or as a container plant.

The specimen photographed was growing in the cool-temperate rainforest areas of New England National Park, east of Armidale in northern New South Wales. The Orange Berry is very common in this habitat.  The average annual rainfall in this area exceeds 2000 millimetres.

Propagate from seed or by rhizome division.