Double-barred.JPG (41921 bytes)Double-barred Finch (Poephila bichenovii): is a delightful small bird between 100-110 millimetres long. The distinctive face is similar in appearance to a miniature owl. The face and underparts are white with two prominent black rings. One encloses the face whilst the other crosses the breast. The wings have a fine black and white chequered pattern. The rump is white and the tail black.

Double-barred Finches may be observed in pairs or flocks. They usually feed on the ground amongst seeding grasses.

The nest is small and bottle-shaped with a rather unkempt appearance and is constructed of dry grass lined with soft grasses and feathers. Usually 4-5 white eggs are laid with sometimes eight.

Double-barred Finches have a wide distribution and are found in the Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales.

Over the years these small birds have been occasional visitors to Yallaroo. In the spring of 2008 a small flock of about ten individuals took up residence. Hopefully they will make Yallaroo their home.