Doryanthes palmeri: is a member of the Doryanthaceae family and is known as the Spear Lily.Doryanthes-palmeri.JPG (19758 bytes)

Doryanthes palmeri is a tall perennial herb (with no woody stems) with long, lanceolate, bright green leaves that form a giant rosette. The leaves may reach a length of three metres. The scape (or flower stalk) is from two to five metres in length. The scape is crowned by a flower spike up to one metre long. The flower spike is made up of large reddish-brown flowers that appear in spring.

The Spear Lily is a spectacular plant. Both foliage and flowers are eye-catching features. Flower spikes may be damaged by frost but the foliage usually escapes injury.

Doryanthes excelsa, the Gymea Lily, is a close relative and is more widely cultivated.

The Spear Lily in the photograph is growing in a park in western Sydney.

Doryanthes palmeri is a species that we may try at Yallaroo in a very sheltered position.

The Spear Lily is found in wet sclerophyll forests on the North Coast of New South Wales and Queensland.

Propagation is usually from seed. Sometimes suckers may appear around the base of the parent plant. These may be removed and potted on when small.