Dorrigo-NP.JPG (23137 bytes)Dorrigo National Park: Is situated two km east of Dorrigo on the Northern Tablelands of NSW and just off the Waterfall Way that runs from Armidale to the North Coast.
Dorrigo National Park has an area of 11,800 hectares (30,000 acres). This is one of the earliest National Parks to be dedicated in Australia. The Park protects a large area of rainforest and is World Heritage listed.
A number of waterfalls are reached by an extensive walking track system. The Skywalk is the most spectacular feature of the Park. This raised walkway takes the visitor above the rainforest canopy to a viewing platform with extensive views of mountains and the coastal plain.
The Skywalk starts from the Rainforest Centre. This is one of the best Interpretative Centres in Eastern Australia. The Centre has a video theatre and walk-through displays. There is also a shop selling books, maps and where information is available about other National Parks in northeastern NSW. A Café is next door to the Centre. Picnic areas surround the Centre. Just up the road there is another picnic area known as the Glade. A gravel road leads to the Never-never area.  There is a walking track system and picnic spots in this area.
The picnic areas are visited by Brush Turkeys and Lyrebirds may be heard in the surrounding rainforest imitating a range of birdcalls.
When you travel along the Waterfall Way then a visit to Dorrigo National Park would be an enriching and restful experience.
The image shows the Skywalk perched above the rainforest canopy.
Dorrigo National Park is now linked to New England National Park by the recent dedication of Bellinger River National Park.