D.hamiltonianum1.JPG (59763 bytes)Dipodium hamiltonianum: is a member of the Orchidaceae family and is a Hyacinth Orchid.D.hamiltonianum2.JPG (33539 bytes)

Dipodium hamiltonianum is a leafless, saprophytic (deriving its food from dead or decaying organic material), terrestrial orchid. The flower stalk is between 30-80 centimetres tall and bears 3-25 flowers. They are greenish-yellow sometimes with red spots and appear between November and February.

Dipodium hamiltonianum has a wide distribution and is often found growing with the better-known Dipodium punctatum. Dipodium hamiltonianum is much rarer than Dipodium punctatum. From our observations we feel that for every 300 to 400 Dipodium punctatum observed you may be lucky enough to see one Dipodium hamiltonianum.

During the Christmas period of 2008 we were fortunate to find a population of six Dipodium hamiltonianum plants in the Reserve adjacent Yallaroo. Usually only solitary plants with single flower stalks are sighted. This Christmas population had a number of plants with multiple flower stalks. This was an exciting find and we will see if the plants appear next season.

Dipodium hamiltonianum occurs in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Because Dipodium hamiltonianum is saprophytic, propagation is almost impossible. We just enjoy finding this and other Hyacinth Orchids in the bush.