Dianella_longifolia.JPG (29724 bytes)Dianella longifolia: is known as the Smooth Flax Lily. Dianellas used to be in the Liliaceae family but is now in the Phormiaceae. Dianella longifolia is a tufted, perennial herb* that suckers and forms large clumps. The linear leaves may reach a length of 80 centimetres with parallel veins. In spring and summer the plants produce long sprays (known as panicles) of light blue flowers. Eye-catching blue berries follow the flowers. These are sometimes eaten by birds (see Silvereyes). Dianella longifolia is native to Yallaroo and many clumps have appeared throughout our regenerating bushland.
Cultivated Smooth Flax Lilies may form clumps up to one metre in diameter. The species could be cultivated in rockeries or native cottage gardens. Dianella longifolia occurs throughout Australia. The species was previously known as Dianella laevis.
Propagation may be from seed but the easiest method is to divide clumps as you would divide exotic Iris clumps. Make sure each division has a piece of root or rhizome.
* Botanically, herbs are plants with fleshy rather than woody stems.