December 2003: Total rainfall for month= 98mm. Monthly average=88mm.
Received some native jasmine seeds from a listener to our radio programme. Jasminum suavissimum is a scrambling plant with highly perfumed flowers.
Friends from Tamworth paid a visit and brought some Eucalypt seeds. Our friend Tony is a Eucalypt expert. They returned to Tamworth with some tube stock from Yallaroo for their garden.
Early this month we put netting over some of our edible exotic fruit trees. Parrots are attacking the fruit on our peaches and nectarines. Even after the dry conditions early in the year we still have a decent fruit crop. Later in the month we picked some beautiful Anzac peaches. They were delicious.
We had some heavy falls of rain early in the month. Our house tank was filled to overflowing. It is always a comfort to have a full water tank.
Received some seed and photographs of a beautiful Hovea longifolia from another listener to our programme. She was kind enough to collect seed and take photographs. It is becoming very exciting to visit our letterbox. Who knows what horticultural goodies will be hiding there.
We now have a link to the Aussie Natives section of the local ABC web site. We are still contributing a weekly plant to this large site.
Three baby swallows left a nest on our back patio. This makes a total of seven fledgling swallows that have been recently raised from nests around our house.
Visited the Armidale Markets and bought four Leptospermum spectabile plants. This beautiful rare Tea Tree has large red flowers. We have been searching for this species for some time. We have taken cuttings already.
All our family visited for the Christmas and New Year holidays. We enjoy these family visits and try to get together several times a year.

Garden Diary